jj ■- *4yv oMiSi I "j 31 i ?."v. p b-- - -» i'o. i Cc'. z't -■ r NICO VRIEND AN UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT OF PAPER: THE INFORMATION SYSTEM AND NETWORK OF THE DUTCH EAST INDIA COMPANY ib.f<w'a-riA i. £Xnv.£> - u<r ,7.. - v;. ft*/ j v. (Z, ,im, *- *f .,•„£^7. C. 1 "i. r ttf/n t*r a t /fvi T), :>aA/j - v r r ft. J Figure 1. Two pages of the register der papieren (list of documents) sent from the Hoge Regering to the Heeren XVII on 31 October 1740. The pages show what happened with the documents upon arrival. If they were forwarded to a specific department, it is menti oned next to the listed documents (on the left).33 Figure 2. 'Letters and papers from the trading posts' in the archive of the Heeren XVII and Kamer Amsterdam, opened on one of the packages of letters sent from Persia (Bassoura, 1 October 1737).34 33 NA, VOC, Letters and papers from the trading posts, inv. number 2479. 34 NA, VOC, inv. number 2398, fol. 6307. 77

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