The Dutch archives Jaarboek n The 11th publication of the Stichting Archiefpublicaties (Dutch Foundation of archival publications) aims to give an overview of the different methods in which colonial archives are the subject of research. Colonial Legacy in South East Asia focuses on the colonial archives of South-East Asia with Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in the forefront. The authors try to open the black box of archives in general and find that the colonial archives in particular still mostly used by historians and trained and experienced archivists. Instead of only a source of information for historiography, the colonial archive has to become a subject of research. Archives are not static, they are always changing as they are created and moulded incessantly by actors like governments, organisations, commercial enterprises, churches, families and individuals. This process is then succeeded by archivists and other custodians' recreations and reconstructions. Knowledge of all this is important when using the information these archives contain. ISBN/EAN 978-90-71251-35-1 Jaarboek 11, Stichting Archiefpublicaties Stichting Archiefpublicaties Colonial Legacy in South East Asia

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