The ultimate platform for collection management and portal construction DEVENT it cfo OUR EXPERTISE IS TO DIGITALIZE YOUR COLLECTIONS! karmac Experience the heritage Notarial archives Old-court archives Church archives Atlantis is a flexible and reliable system for collection management and portal construction. If you wish to manage your heritage resources in a professional and responsible way and wish to offer your customers and users an optimal heritage experience, Atlantis is the perfect choice. Developers Inventors in IT From collection to connection! Atlantis Karmac would like to help you to process the first step. We offer you the possibility to digitalize your old-court archive, notarial archive, slides, newspapers, population registers, microfiches etc. in a secure and trusted environment. This offers you a lot of benefits like: reducing the use of the originals; widening public accessibility or connection with other collections. karmac Curious to the benefits? Please contact us and we will make your collections digital. You can f reach us by: +31 (0)320 - 28 69 59

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Jaarboeken Stichting Archiefpublicaties | 2017 | | pagina 166